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2008 Vol.10 No.3 English




Feature Papers: Current Situation and Issue of Hemophilia with HIV in Japan

Statics on HIV/AIDS among Japanese Hemophiliacs Infected with HIV-1

S. Tatsunami, J. Mimaya, A. Shirahata, J. Hanai, Y. Nishina, K. Ohira, R. Kuwabara, M Asahara, M. Taki ….. 131

The Clinical Characteristics of Japanese Hemophiliacs with HIV Infection and Desired Health Care for Them

H. Hanabusa ….. 137

The Current Status and the Future of Victims of “Yakugai-AIDS” – HIV Infection through Blood Products

K. Ohira …. 142

Support and Life Reconstruction for Living with HIV-infected Hemophilia in Japan

Y. Yamazaki ….. 144

Clinical Care Issures in HIV-infected Hemophiliacs – A Single Children’s Hospital –

Y. Takashima, J. Mimaya …. 156

The Symposium of the 21st Congress of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research

Education of HIV/AIDS for health Care Providers in Japan

Chairman: N. Takata, K. Teruya, Symposists: F. Kagiura, M. Jimba, J. Abdennadher, H. Gomi-Yano …. 161

The History of HIV Mother to Child Transmission Prevention in Japan – Medical and Social Problems Left until Today –

Y. Tsukahara, S. Sekiya, Y. Yanaga, M. Uchiyama, T. Kita, M. Togawa, M. Ogane, N. Inaba, Y. Wada …. 170

The 8th ECC Yamaguchi Memorial Awards of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research

Epidemiological Behavioral Study Investigating the HIV Risk Related Behaviors and Associated Psychological and Social Factors of a Sample of Men Who Have Sex with Men

Y. Hidaka …. 175

Original Research Report


Influence of V108I Mutation Detected in a Treatment-naive HIV-1-infected Patient on the Developmento of Resistance to Efavirents

H. Mori, Y. Kojima, T. Kawahata, T. Goto … 184


A Survey Invsetigating HIV Optimism, HIV Risk Behavior and Psychological Factors of Japanese Gay and Bisexual Men Living in the Tokyo and Kanto Area

T. Okuda, Y. Hidaka, K. Kodama …. 191

Case Report


Cytomegalovirus-induced Ischemic Colitis in a Patient with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

R. Morita, S. Hashino, M. Onozawa, K. Kahata, T. Kondo, M. Imamura, M. Asaka …. 200

Activity Report


Area & Health Facility for HIV Test and Attendance at Outpatient Department, Treatment Effects and Sexual Behavioral Change – A Study in Three Hospitals in Osaka City, 2005-2006

A. Shimouchi, T. Goto, T. Shirasaka, M. Hino …. 206